Jason R (mojonacho) wrote,
Jason R

Brought to You by the Letter 'C'

Camera: Hopefully, this weekend, I'll spend part of a day taking pictures at the Pirate Festival. I haven't really taken pictures for quite some time, and I'm a little excited. Thanks to Brie for the loan of a camera!

Career: So, I like my job. But, I'm starting to look around at what's open. Elsewhere. I've been full-time here for nearly 2 years, and in this job for about a year and a half. It's not to early to be just looking, is it? It's a good idea to know what's available, right?

Corset: A friend of mine at work is looking to have a corset made for herself. Not for costuming, but for dressing up (I believe). Any ideas where she can start?

Cow: Apparently, a friend of my parents was attacked by his cow. It was in the paper, and everything.

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