Jason R (mojonacho) wrote,
Jason R

Bullet Points

Here's to 2010!! Even if 2009 was a fantastic year for you, may 2010 treat you better!

"It's COLD!!" I spoke these words, preceded by a word that may or may not be acceptable in present company, as I was filling a glass with lots of ice for iced tea. Go me.

I was recently disappointed by my mailbox. The first piece of mail that I received at my new apartment: the electric bill.

Access to cable TV is more expensive than access to the Internet, over the same cable. Why's that? (Aside: Is it a bad thing that I applied for the Star Trek Online Beta Test before I have secured Internet access?)

Holiday cards: Uh... I haven't mailed them! So, there's still time to give me your address!! Go here: (http://mojonacho.livejournal.com/21579.html), the comments are screened. I'm a well-known procrastinator, so it may be a while still...

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